Monday, August 30, 2010

This Monday Morning

I didn't participate in the "Day in the Life" Bloghop on homeschool post. I knew from the first instruction that this would be a failure. Why? Because the blog asked you to describe a typical day of homeschooling in your family. It's the word "typical" that made this an impossible assignment.

Case in point, here's how our Monday morning went.

Monday mornings should be a time of sleepy children and sleepy mommies dragging themselves back into the routine. But on this particular Monday, Toa of Boy woke up and went to go talk to his hamsters. Nothing unusual there. Toa often spends a few moments every morning talking to his hamsters.

After a few minutes of two-way conversation, Toa the Hamster Whisperer told me, "I think he wants to come out and play."

In ten minutes, a hamster play pen had been set up, complete with an elaborate tunnel network of cardboard tubes. The hamster wheel was moved from the cage and mounted on the pen's fence. A small hamster scurried about the carpet gleefully, watched over by an equally gleeful young boy.

Two eggs were cooked, one for me and one for Toa, and Toa sat on the living room floor, watching his hamster while he had his breakfast. I retreated to the  kitchen table with my egg, my hot chocolate, my Bible, and my notebook.

A few short minutes later, Toa had scarfed his egg down and was in the kitchen carefully rinsing off his dishes and loading them in the dishwasher. I continued with my devotions while he returned to the living room.

So no one really knows how the hamster got out of its pen. I'm still convinced they have limited teleportation abilities.

Fortunately, the escapee was quickly contained in a paper towel tube and then returned safely to his home. And then the living room needed cleaned up and hamster stuff put away (which Toa of Boy did). And by then my hot chocolate was cold and I had barely started my devotions.

And suddenly, it was time for school. I had put on my clothes for exercising, but didn't quite get to it. I get partial credit for that, right?

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