Thursday, August 19, 2010

Link Up- Favorite Books

In my defense, let me say that we truly are a family of readers. Really. You can ask any one of our local libarians, who knows us each by name.....and who has to check in the STACK of books we return each week. The check-out process is a self-check-out, so they are spared that part. I have considered getting us each a wheeled backpack or small trolley to lug our weekly library books in, but haven't sprung for that luxery yet. We have four shelves in our house dedicated to libary books, a shelf of a bookcase in each of the children's bedrooms, a shelf of a bookcase in the living room for our "book basket" books, and a shelf in my bedroom for my personal books. (Which sometimes sit for weeks before I can find time to read them, but, hey.)

So, I can only interpret the less than enthusiastic responses to this blog post as what you get from children after a full day of school, when they are ready to move on to some relaxing free time activities, and are less than ready to participate in a book discussion with their slightly unusual mother.

 Toa of Boy's response to my question of his favorite book was immediate. "I don't know!" He said with a grin, "I haven't read them all!"

"Yes," I acknowledged, "but of the books you've read, which has been your favorite?"

"I don't know," he stated again. "They are all so cute. I can't decide, Mommy!" At this point, he flopped on the couch, turned himself upside down, hung his head where his feet should be, and kicked his feet in the air knocking off the throw cover for the upteenth time that day. "I can't decide, Mommy. I can't decide!"

 Mommy went off in search of a conversation that did not involve watching my living room be undone piece by piece.

Here is how my interview with Sweetling went:

Sweetling: "I have lots of favorite books, and I really couldn't choose just one."

Me: "Do you have a few top picks you'd like to list?"

S: "The Harry Potter books."

M: "Because?"

S: "They are very well written and the plot is very well thought out."

M: "Do you have any other books you'd like to list."

S: (gives me a look only a preteen girl can master.)

M: "Well, you said you had a lot of books that were your favorite, so I just want to give you the opportunity to name a few others."

S: "Ok. The Molly Moon series." (At least, I think that's what she said. I had never heard of them, and I'm surely not going back upstairs to disturb the Sweetling again to ask for a clarification.)

M: (who isn't always that quick on the uptake) "Because?"

S: "Do I have to think of a reason for all of these?"

M: "No, I guess not."

S: (silent stare. Not quite the look, but close.)

M: "Do you want me to go away now?"

S: "Yes. Please."

So there you have it. I feel like I should sign off as, "Keeping it Real in Ohio."

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Layton Family Joy said...

haha - what fun is it in picking just one?? I get the same feeling about Jane Austen!

Thanks for linking up - I'm loving the chocolate header. I wanna run to the store!

the hsv

The Real Me! said...

LOL! I love it. I had similar conversations with my kids about this! Ha! Ha!
Have a great night!

Super S said...

Yes, it was Molly Moon. :)