Sunday, January 07, 2007

Almost finished

I'm almost happy with this sketch. Almost. I think I know what needs tweaked, but I need some outside critiquing. I'm emailing Smurf a copy for her comments. Would anyone else give me some specific feedback please? (And I added specific so that the Magic 8 Ball might take a hint ;) I love you Magic 8 Ball.)


lushgurl said...

WOW you are an amazing artist! Sorry nothing to add to make it better, love it the way it is!

The Maven said...

I love it! Who knew you were a woman of so many talents?

Impossible Mom said...

Yes, magic 8 ball AND christopher Robin. I'm so special I get 2 names!

Her face is a tad washed out and you need something around her shoulders or what not. Otherwise, looks fantastic.

I should of went the the magic 8 ball off "Good Job" :P

Chocolateer said...

:) Thank you all for the feedback!

(And, yeah, I think her face is a bit washed out too.)

Elfiekins said...

I actually disagree about the face being washed out. I really enjoy the effect it gives! The subtle tints blending gives it a 3d quality without taking away from the animated-esque feel. (She sort of reminds me of Disney's Esmerelda). Also, the fact that her skin isnt so vibrants really brings out her eyes and lips.

Just my opinion though. ;) I like the piece a lot!


Additionally: Weep for me Piglet. Weep for me! My painting supply list is more than 350 dollars.