Friday, January 12, 2007


Showed up on my college grades more often than I care to count. I have a few interesting things that have occupied my attention. None of them, of course, are finished. (Well, ok, one is.) But I'm going to share them anyway.

First the finished one, with a shout out to Lushgirl for her input.

The number one sign you have a Blog addiction...

You ONLY blog when-- you are --bored, lonely, happy, tired, angry, silly, up early in the morning, up late at night --OR when you -- got too much sleep, didn't get enough sleep, have to much to do, don't have anything to do, --OR when --the kids are occupied, the kids are driving you crazy, the kids are gone, what kids?-- OR when--life is terrible, life is great, the husband's gone to bed, the husband's still awake, what husband?, it's the weekend, it's a weekday, what day is it anyway?...

Now the unfinished one.

Darkness stalks the waters deep

And trade winds blow no longer fair

It makes the stoutest sailor weep

What hunts upon the mere

Empty ships with blood soaked boards

On sails from spar to spar a tear

Empty cabins, empty holds…

And not a body anywhere.

And another, nearly finished one....which I shall manipulate to be read AFTER this by some cleverly timed posting. See, I CAN outsmart the comptuer. Fear me, O Computer. Fear me and tremble.

ETA: (The computer won.)


lushgurl said... there any creative outlet that you A) haven't tried B)are not good at or C) not interested in???
You inspire me to try more stuff gurl friend. I used to be terrible at completing projects. I guess I felt that if I showed you something and you didn't like it I could say "Well it's not finished yet!" Today I like to finish stuff 'cause then I can go on to the next thing!!!

Impossible Mom said...

I totally am a completionist. I have to finish things. It drives me crazy till its done, so sometimes things get finished half assed, just to finish them...

Not sure which is better ;) I think they just are.

Chocolateer said...

In answer...just in case anyone comes back to see if i've answered...

I'm not that great at musical instruments. I really like them...but they require commitment and daily practice. Two qualities that I lack.

I also am not a very good gardener. Garden *design* I can do very well. Gardening itself requires daily attention and hard work. Again. I lack these qualities.

Completion is overrated. I'm so much happier giving myself permission to walk away and leave something undone...I can enjoy what I have done with it and not feel guilty about not finishing it.

lushgurl said...

SO cool, you actually have character defects!!! As if having a name with'chocolate' in it wasn't enough! I think I am developing a 'gurl-crush', but that of course is because you've responded to the luatic ramblings (not mine of course)of your fans! Oh and BTW...I love to garden it gives me an excuse to play in the dirt!If you design it I can garden(?) it LOL