Friday, January 12, 2007

What's in a Name

I understand now why some modern art pieces are simply Untitled. It isn't because the artist couldn't come up with a name. Its because in naming their piece, do they take away from what the viewer might see in their piece? Once the art has a name, will the viewer only look at it through that label? If it doesn't have a name, is the viewer more free to see, to seek, to find, to imagine?

My little art rage work has a name. But if I tell it to you, will that lock you into an image? If I don't tell you, what will you see?


The Maven said...

I love art rage! I need to be doing something productive with my rage like you do. I have lots and lots of rage with three kids in the house ;)

I immediately saw a snail under a flower or plant of some sort overlooking the ocean.

lushgurl said...

Lovin' it!!! O.k., Here's what I see-- It's a womb that has just given birth!!! Yellow is a kind of stressy colour, that would be the inside of the womb. Purple is a very serene and regal colour- like 'Here I am out at last'!
Call me crazy, but that's what your Artwork says to me!!
Tanx for stopping by my page...I'm not on team 1 anymore!!!

Impossible Mom said...

Hmm...I always hate these. I feel like I'm failing a blob test at the psychiatrist.

So I would like the title ;)

lushgurl said...

we're ALL curious now... what did you title this??

Chocolateer said...

I titled it Rooster Song. But I'm ever so glad I didn't tell you that first. I'm really enjoying what you saw in it without the title.