Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hopeless Adict

But I don't want to be cured. Anyway, don't be too impressed by this. I cheated and traced an image I liked, while modifying the woman to look more like Fawn. Who's Fawn? Yeah, that's where the hopeless adict part comes in. Fawn is a new character of mine. The man in the sketch is Richard, played by Christopher Robin.

I am pleased that Richard still looks like the tortured love-struck soul he is. And Fawn has freckles, her own hair style, and is the eternal optimist that she is. I'll color it later.


Impossible Mom said...

Oh My..I love you! Does it mean we can use this isntead since its not "really" fan art!?!


Chocolateer said...

I don't know. Let me color it first (which takes a while...) and see how similar it looks after that.