Monday, January 22, 2007

The Jedi Council

It has been decreed that today is a sick day. There is not to be any school. There is not to be any errands. There is not to be any housework. There is to be rest. And naps. In fact, the official instructions were "You should both take some benedryl and sleep a lot."

Remember how Saturday morning I felt like I had been hit by a pick up truck driven by good ol boys with a dead dear strapped to the roof? Well, I've just been getting worse over the weekend. And, cause we were candidating a children's pastor, I've not gotten the rest I needed. I slept in Saturday, sewed hair on a frog, watched Gideon with Susan, then went to a planning meeting with our new Children's Pastor Saturday night. Sunday morning I dragged my sorry self out of bed, and was at church, smiling active, busy, leading preschool for 3 hours then hosting a luncheon for 1 hour and cleaning up afterwards. I came home and slept soundly for 2 hours then went back to church for the annual business meeting where the congregation was voting on the candidate. Then I came home, and crashed. (Well, I watched EMHE then crashed.) That's when the Jedi Council ruling got put into effect.

It occurs to me that laundry list of my weekend aren't the best reading, but I'm sick, so I don't have to produce quality writing.

I whined to the Jedi last night that my schedule was too full. I whined to CR this morning that my schedule was too full. Now I'm whining again on my blog.

And at CR's instructions, I'm posting what my schedule *is* for the next week. CR told me to triage. I whined. CR told me to post, and she'd triage. That's why she's called Christopher Robin.

Monday (today):

I was supposed to take Honey Bee to the dr this morning. I totally forgot. Honey Bee and the Jedi both called to remind me. I told Honey Bee that I couldn't, 'cause Sweetling and I are both sick. Honey Bee gets sick at the drop of a hat, and she totally doesn't need this right now.

I was supposed to go to the library to get books for tonight's AHG meeting. I mentioned to Sweetling that we were going to the library (a dearly loved trip by her). She sad "no library, no library". Let me tell you, if Sweetling doesn't want to go the the *library* then she is sicker than sick. (This discussion happened before the Jedi Council decree was made for the day.)

I AM going to AHG tonight. The other Tenderfoot leader is even sicker than me, so I don't have a decent sub. I would call Telephone and see if she would take over for me, cause she'd totally love what we're doing tonight, but Telephone is also even worse off physically than me right now. Maybe we'll get hit with an ice storm and the meeting will get cancelled.


Sweetling is signed up to participate in a regional spelling bee held up in Middletown. If we're still as sick tomorrow as we are today, we prolly won't go.

HoneyBee needs a ride to another dr tomorrow. They're doing a urinary track thing with a camera. They told her she wouldn't be able to drive. I need to call some other church women and line up a ride for her. (Not Telephone, cause she's having her own health issues.)

Dance is at night. The Jedi has said *IF* I go to dance, I shouldn't practice, I should just watch.


Wow is in the morning. We won't be going if we're still sick.

I'm supposed to take a meal to a family. The mom just had open chest surgery. I think I'll ask the Jedi to pick up a gift certificate or order them a pizza. Recovering from open chest surgery and being exposed to germs don't mix well.

Choir is at night. I can't sing. I could go and listen. But I think I'll stay home with Sweetling.


Conference call in the afternoon. No biggie.

VBS curriculum fair at night. I'm totally going to this. I love seeing the different curriculums. Plus they have cool door prizes. And I'll get a vote in which VBS we do this summer.


Gaming at night


Skype game session at night


preschool sunday school
preschool church

first meeting for children's choir at night


AHG Tenderfoot mom's meeting at my house








movie night at CR's


Skype game session


preschool sunday school
regular church


There ya go Christopher Robin. That's the next two weeks of my life ;)


Impossible Mom said...

Ok, here are my suggestions:
CANCEL AHG tonight. (um hello, 2 sick leaders = cancel in my book)

Dance will live without you for a week if your still sick. Resting is more important. and your smart, you'll catch up.

Wed : good plan

The rest of the stuff sounds like stuff you WANT to do. If there is anything that you are NOT enjoying (say dance, movie night, Skype gaming) these are things you look at first. If you DON'T enjoy them and they don't HAVE to be done, then there is no point in keeping them around?

No you can't cut out laundry and school. Sorry ;)

Did that help? If not, you need a better list :P

lushgurl said...

Holy Cow... you do ALL of that and then feel guilty when you get sick and CAN'T do all of that??? I agree with previous and get better, if you died or something we'd hafta find another Blog to stalk LOL

Chocolateer said...

"f you died or something we'd hafta find another Blog to stalk LOL"

Its always good to know I'm fulfilling a vital role in the universe ;)