Thursday, January 04, 2007

Just sing a happy song

I sing. I sing a lot. I frequently don't know more than one or two lines from a song, so I just sing those same lines over and over. My family and friends love me for this quality.

This morning I happened to be singing:
"All we want to do is it your brains,
we're not unreasonable...
I mean no one wants to eat your eyes."

I turned around and saw Sweetling with her pretty little hazel eyes watching me, obviously trying to figure out what sort of lunacy had taken over Mommy this time...and, more importantly, was it the sort of lunacy that might get her out of doing schoolwork today.

To explain, I said, "Its a zombie song." And went back to putting away the school supplies we purchased yesterday. She seemed satisfied with that, though I'm sure a bit disappointed that school was still on. A few minutes later she asks...

"Mommy, if zombies eat brains, what do they drink?"

Me (being the gamer that I am, I'm pretty sure zombies don't really eat brains, but I give the easiest cop out answer I can think of): "I don't know, Sweetheart."

Sweetling: "Maybe they drink blood."

Me: "No, that would be a vampire."

Sweetling: "Maybe they drink brain juice."

Me (still trying to cop out of the conversation): "Maybe they do."

Sweetling: "Mommy, do you know what brain juice is?"

Me (terrified that Sweetling probably *does* know *exactly* what brain juice is and is about to describe it in gorrily graphic and precise detail): "No, Honey, and Mommy really doesn't even want to know."

Sweetling (delighted with herself): "It's what makes brains SQUISHY!!!"

When she's older I'm telling her she can send her therapy bills to Christopher Robin.


The Maven said...

See, I thought she was going to tell you that brain juice is blood. Instead, she went for added grossness.

I love that girl!

Impossible Mom said...

Hey it is SO not my fault *grins* and I'll be at her therapy sessions anyway explaining why she likes to talk about why brains are squishy.

Thats MY girl!