Monday, January 08, 2007

Free Plastic Bag

Driving home today and I saw a sign in front of the Sprint phone store that read "Free plastic bag with every purchase."

Its the sort of thing others need to experience. Somehow sharing these sorts of things takes away the sting of how pathetic we, as a culture, often are.

And of course, there's no better way to share such a sign than on my blog. Which brings me to my second thought of the drive:

Top Ten Signs You Have a Blog Addiction

10. You no longer call, or even email, your friends because they should've already read the most important parts of your days.
9. Its more natural to refer to your friends by their blog screen names than by their real names.
8. You can use phrases like "The Magic 8 Ball" in reference to a person, and no one gets confused.
7. Being called a self-absorbed exhibitionist is a compliment.
6. You don't even *know* the first names of many of the people you are sharing your deepest thoughts and feelings with.
5. You immediately begin to mentally compose a blog entry whenever something funny, profound, or unusual happens to you.
4. You're biggest complaint about your husband/best friend/significant other is that the person doesn't read your blog. If they really loved you, they'd read it...
3. You know more about the daily life of strangers you've never met than you do about your sister/best friend/husband/etc.
2. Being one of the first few to reply to a "meme" is worth bragging rights.

And the number one sign you have a Blog addiction is....

Tum Dum decide.

That's right. I'm throwing this out as a meme. Just what is the number one sign you have a blog addiction?


Impossible Mom said...

I think you just don't want to do the work of making a number one answer, so I'm not going to do it for you ;)

Look, its a long comment from the magic 8 ball *grins* and yes, I'm proving some of your top ten

Chocolateer said...


With anyone else, I'd tell them to go back to leaving magic 8 ball comments. YOU however, are um.... stubburn enough to do just that for like the next 5 months.

You know, you claim to be low to medium maintanence....but I think your stubborness should bump you up a category or two ;)

Jobthingy said...

uh.. isnt one reading them all and saying.. "how true are these" while giggling all by yourself in your cubicle.

Impossible Mom said...

I'm so not medium maintanence most of the time, just on rare occasions and to rare people :P

lushgurl said...

OMG...I think maybe it's possible that I DO have yet another addiction....Wait a minute , no I don't, I can stop reading, commenting,um writing blogs any time, I don't have a problem...I just do it when I'm Insert any of the following-bored, lonely, happy, tired, angry, silly.......) Oh and may I suggest the number one way to tell if we have a blog addiction? DENIAL!!!