Friday, August 28, 2009

Facebook Friday, Aug 28

yep, I'm doing it again. It's facebook friday, and I'm posting a collection of my facebook updates from the previous week so that I have them to reread at a later date for my own personal enjoyment.

August 21 at 9:18am
I need something (like some direction) for my devotional time in the morning. Suggestions?

August 21 at 12:19pm
Its a beautiful day and we have our windows open. Now, I have to turn on the oven and heat up the house for the afternoon. Silly Vaya having a baby ;)

August 21 at 3:10pm
ingredients for a cake: cake mix, eggs, water, oil. So, why, after my cakes were in the oven and I got the boy out of the tub, did I come back to the kitchen to find MY OIL STILL IN ITS MEASURING CUP?????

August 22 at 8:26am
sings: "We're very very busy and we've got a lot to do and we haven't got a moment to explain it all to you...."

August 23 at 8:27am
hot chocolate makes all mornings a bit better.

August 23 at 4:44pm
slept for 2 hours. Could have slept 2 *more* hours.

August 23 at 6:09pm
LSI (Laundry Scene Investigation): Toa of Boy's shirt had chocolate embedded in a wrinkle pattern. Therefore, he must have slept in a puddle of melted chocolate ice cream. Except, the chocolate stains were on the top of his left shoulder. Therefore, ...he must have slept in a puddle of melted chocolate ice cream while standing on his head.

August 24 at 9:36am
back to Pig Island today :)

August 24 at 2:21pm
Back from Pig Island. Two fairy houses were built, a flag was hung, a speech was made, many photos were taken, and lunch was eaten beside a waterfall. And in answer to several ?'s I got this morning, here was our first trip to Pig Island.

Tue at 8:50am
I've only managed to curl half my hair so far this morning. Now you all know.

Tue at 2:02pm
why does it lok like a peach was repeatedly bounced upon my kitchen floor?

Tue at 2:56pm
Sweetling got her hair cut. It has been discovered that Sweetling hair is bouncy. :D

Wed at 8:05am
The googles are standing up on the kitchen counter, trying to determine which google is the tallest and which googles owe chocolate tax to whom.

Wed at 9:59am
Algebra Dare of the Day: Find two consecutive integers whose product is five less than five times their sum.

Yesterday at 7:39am

Sweetling doesn't like the chicken dance at 7:30 am any more than she likes it at any other time of the day. She even had to work up the energy to scowl at me :)

Yesterday at 12:14pm

got all caught up getting my coupons clipped and filed. Yes, my life is just this exciting. That's why the paparazzi follow me around.

2 hours ago

Friday confessions: It's 10am. The kids and I are still in our jammies. The living room floor is covered in webkinz. No one has started school yet. I'm making a second cup of hot chocolate for myself.

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