Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seven Things I've Learned Today

1. Mommys, sadly, are not allowed to have M$M's for lunch. Even if they are peanut M$Ms.

2. Sixth graders do not appreciate being zurburted during algebra.

3. Squirrels won't eat or take lily bulbs, but they will dig them up from the garden.

4. Boys need more than cocoa krispies for breakfast.

5. Even if I follow a collection of pro-tips, it would take me four hours to clean my house properly...assuming I don't start with a sink of dirty dishes and several flat surfaces of clutter in every room and that I'm not counting laundry time. How depressing is that?

6. Having five weeks worth of newspaper coupons to clip and file is the suxers. I don't even know how I got so far behind. I have a theory whose name starts with the letter X and ends with the letter N.

7. Learning to read is a magical, mystical process. Any expert who claims to have it all figured out must be lying. Really, what happens is you work with a child and work with a child and the child works and works and gets frustrated and cries and then tries again. And you get frustrated and cry and think you are a miserable failure of a teacher, but you try again. And then, suddenly, before either of you know it, you are sitting beside the child while they are reading aloud. And suddenly it hits you...hey! He's DOING IT!!!!! And then you wonder, when and how did that happen?

8. (Because I can't leave you with an accurately numbered list, now can I?)
8. When you are six, it's always a good time to look at fun cakes.

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