Friday, August 14, 2009

Toa of Boy in the Morning

All these conversations happened within a 20-30 minute time period, most of it before 9am. I think I need to start spiking my hot chocolate with a shot of expresso or something just to keep up with him.

Spiritual Insight

I was making our eggs in the microwave. Toa of Boy was laying on his stomach in the hallway just outside the kitchen. He had his hands pressed together in front of his head, weaving his arms back and forth.

Toa of Boy: Mommy, guess what I am?
Mommy: A snake.
Toa of Boy: Guess what kind of snake?
Mommy: A zerburt snake.
Toa of Boy: Nope. Guess, guess.
Mommy: (still not very awake) A striped snake. (cause his shirt was striped)
Toa of Boy: Nope. (giggle) Guess again, Mommy, Mommy, guess again.
Mommy: I don't know. What kind of snake are you?
Toa of Boy: A polka-dotted snake. (He jumps to his feet.) Mommy, are there such things as polka-dotted snakes?
Mommy: I have no idea.
Toa of Boy: Does God know?
Mommy: Yes, God knows. He made all the snakes, so he knows.
Toa of Boy: Does God forget?
Mommy: No, God doesn't forget.

Future Plans

I haven't even gotten the eggs in the microwave yet.

Toa of Boy: I want to go on a trip around the world.
Mommy: That would be very cool. I'd like to go on a trip around the world too.
Toa of Boy: Bet it cost a lot of money.
Mommy: Yes, traveling around the whole world would cost a lot of money.
Toa of Boy: I'm going to start saving up my money right now. How much does it cost, Mommy?
Mommy: I have no idea, but a whole whole lot.
Toa of Boy: How about one hundred sixty-eight thousand? Is that enough?
Mommy: Yes, I think $168,000 would be enough.

Sweetling Joins Us

I'm getting eggs out of the microwave. The toast and Sweetling's Pop-Tart are in the toaster oven.

Toa of Boy: Is it ready? Mommy, Mommy, is it ready?
Mommy: Almost, I have to put the butter on your eggs. (Remember, the Mommy is still not fully awake.)
Toa of Boy: (laughing) No, Mommy, no. Not the butter on my eggs, Mommy, the butter on my toast. Not my eggs, Mommy. Butter not go on my eggs, Mommy. (more laughter)
Mommy: Listen to what Mommy means, not what Mommy says.
Sweetling: He was just correcting your logic, Mommy. Something that needs correcting often, no offense.

Club Penguin

Toa of Boy: You should check out Club Penguin Sweetling, there's something really cool on Club Penguin.
Sweetling: (who also isn't quite awake)Hmmmm.
Toa of Boy: You should check out Club Penguin Sweetling, there's something really cool on Club Penguin.
Sweetling: Ok, if I have any free time, I'll go to Club Penguin.
Toa of Boy: You should check out Club Penguin Sweetling, there's something really cool on Club Penguin.
Sweetling: Ok, I'll go to Club Penguin, when I have some free time.
Toa of Boy: You should check out Club Penguin Sweetling, there's something really cool on Club Penguin.
Mommy: Toa, Sweetling has to do school first. Then she can go to Club Penguin.

Favorite Day of the Week

I am in the process of putting butter on toast, not on eggs.

Toa of Boy: I can't wait until tomorrow, I can't wait.
Sweetling: Why? What's happening tomorrow?
Mommy: Potatoes in the mix. (Every Saturday, Mama gets up and cooks a special breakfast, which she and Toa of Boy have named "potatoes in the mix".)
Toa of Boy: AND???....
Mommy: Monkey vs. Food (Based on the tv show "Man VS Food". We are going to make plate sized banana pancakes for dinner Saturday night, get out the video camera, and film "Monkey vs. Food". Toa of Boy shall be the monkey, of course.)
Toa of Boy: Yep!!! And????....
Mommy: We count dots and pick a family activity.
Toa of Boy: I hope I win. I think I'm going to win.

Shelling His Sister

Sweetling has said her grace and is now sitting down eating her pop-tart. I don't know what I'm doing, but Toa's breakfast isn't ready yet. He fills his time by "shelling" his sister.

Toa: I'm going to shell you Sweetling. Sweetling, I'm going to shell you. (Toa of boy grabs a paper "shell" off the fridge, which is currently decorated in a Mario theme. He places it by her plate.)
Toa: I shelled you Sweetling, Sweetling I shelled you.
Sweetling: ...
Toa: I'm going to bomb you Sweetling, Sweetling, I'm going to bomb you. (He grabs a paper "bomb" from the decorations on the fridge, places it beside Sweetling's plate, and makes an explosion noise.)
Toa: I bombed you Sweetling, Sweetling, I bombed you. You are blown up.
Sweetling: ...
Toa: I give you a star. Here I come with a star... (A Mario star now comes down from the fridge and goes beside Sweetling's plate...)

Final Chapter

Sweetling and Toa of Boy are now both sitting down with breakfast. Milk and juice are being poured.

Sweetling: Please leave me alone.

And Then...

Silence reins for a few minutes while everyone, including Mommy, eats at least part of their breakfast. Toa of Boy inhales the first half of his egg sandwhich, and then...

Toa of Boy: What's the name of the dog in Green Eggs and Ham? You know, the one that didn't like the green eggs and ham?

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