Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anniversary Ice Cream

It's mine and the Jedi's seventeenth wedding anniversary today. We're going to Bob Evans for lunch, and we're taking the family to Cold Stone for dinner.

We were discussing these plans at breakfast this morning, and the Jedi was saying how much he was looking forward to telling Toa of Boy that we were going to have ice cream for dinner. The Jedi is looking forward to hearing Toa of Boy ask, "No, really?" So that the Jedi could say, "Really, that's what we're having." Then Toa would say, "No, for real, what's for dinner?"

At this point, Toa of Boy walked in the kitchen and announced, "I heard that."

"Good," said the Jedi. "We're having ice cream for dinner tonight."

Toa looked at him for a minute, realized Daddy wasn't joking, and then exclaimed, "Not again!?!?!?!" (We've had Cold Stone for dinner once before, to celebrate the Jedi's birthday.)

"I know," said the Jedi, "you lead such a hard life."

Toa of Boy gave up and walked back out of the kitchen.

Mama laughed and said that Toa tried to tell her that he had had ice cream for dinner last night. "No really," she had said, "what did you have for dinner?"

"Ice cream," replied Toa. (We had had chicken burritos and ice cream for dessert.)

"No really," said Mama, "what did you have?"

"Ice cream," replied Toa, trying to keep a strait face.

"No really," said Mama, "I know your Mommy well enough to know she wouldn't really let you have ice cream for dinner."

"Well apparently," interjected Sweetling, "you didn't know her that well, cause we're having ice cream for dinner tonight."

Coming to my own defense, I pointed to the Jedi and said, "Yes but its the sane, logical, rational one who has made that decision."

"And therefore," concluded Sweetling, "the decision must be a sane, logical, and rational one."

I decided to drop out of the conversation at this point. I jumped back in when it somehow came around to the nursery rhyme of the old woman who lived in a shoe.

"I wonder," said Mama, "if anyone has ever built a house shaped like a shoe?"

"I'd live in it," I quickly chimed in. "But I would want a lot of children."

"You already have a lot of children," argued Sweetling.

"No I don't," says I who secretly wants a huge farmhouse with many bedrooms and filled to the rafters with fostered and adopted children. "I only have two."

Sweetling looked at me in disbelief for a moment.

"It just seems like a lot," clarifies the Jedi, "cause Sweetling's world suddenly shifted to include Toa of Boy, and he's like an army of boys all rolled into one person."

Sweetling smiled, glad that she had a Daddy who immediately understood her.

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Heather said...

Cold Stone is one of my favorite places on earth!!

I love the "army of boys rolled into one." I have three of them. ;)