Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seven Day Wait

I'm sure there's a name, a catch phrase that I can't remember. Isn't there a certain term for the waiting period between when a person applies to buy a gun and when that person is actually eligible to purchase the gun?

No, I'm not planning on buying a gun. Smurf can start breathing again. Deep breaths, Smurf. In and out. There ya go.

But I do want to start a new project, some new creative outlet. I need some new creative, self-chosen (not externally mandated) project. I think the fact that I was envisioning and composing margarine commercials in my head last night as I made my toast is a pretty fair indicator of this need. The fact that I had to step over multiple laundry baskets to get to the computer to write about my need for a creative outlet is completely irrelevant to the conversation.

Trying to launch a new blog meme is one possibility.

Learning and practicing some photography is another possibility. Check out this description of the 365 project.

Learning something about web design? blog design? to redo my very boring blog page is another possibility....but that involves the evilness of computers, so don't hold your breath on this one.

NaNo is coming up in November but that is NOT a possibility. Hear that Nora? I'm not going to be sucked in this time.

Sketching? Do I really want to get my poor neglected sketchbook back out?

What about my poor, even more neglected, flute?

Being an ENFP, I've learned, well---I've almost learned--- from past mistakes that I should impose a seven day waiting period on myself before I try to commit myself to any new undertaking. If my brain were less mushy, I'd leave you with some clever and witty simile comparing the dangers of guns to "shooting myself in the foot" with a new project. But that lame statement is as close as I'm getting today.

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