Monday, February 23, 2009

Greet One Another in Love

First, let me say that I've noticed something about myself. I "clock out" over the weekend. Every weekend, I have a decent excuse for it. On this weekend such and such was going on. On that weekend this and that happened. But the over all pattern is that I step down and take a break from being a wife and a mother over the weekend. And yes, we all need breaks. And yes, we all need down time. But all weekend? Every weekend?

Oh sure, I start the laundry going on Sunday. But relationship-wise, I'm just not there. I get self-absorbed in my own thoughts and my own projects and I just leave my family to fend for themselves both on an emotional level and often also in terms of activities.

Now for those few of you who think that my blog might be too self-critical these past couple of weeks, it is meant to be self-critical, or at least self-examining. And yes, there's many things I do really well as a wife and mother. But what I want to do is move from a "B" grade to an "A" grade, so I've been deliberately dragging a fine toothed comb over the areas I think I could improve in.

I'm polishing my apples.

No, I don't know where that came from either.

(Speaking of idioms and phrases, where does the phrase "Crazy like a fox" come from? hmmm?)

Back to love dares.

I love all of today's devotion. I really do. And since it's my blog, you all get to love almost all of today's devotion.

"Its probably something you don't think about very often -- the first thing you say to him or to her when you wake up in the morning, the look on your face when you get in the car, the energy in your voice when you speak on the telephone. But here's something else you probably don't stop to consider-- the difference it would make in your spouse's day if everything about you expressed the fact that you were really, really glad to see them.

"When someone communicates that they are glad to see you, your personal sense of self-worth increases. You feel more important and valued. That's because a good greeting sets the stage ofr positive and healthy interaction. Like love, it puts wind in your sails.

"What kind of greetings would make your mate feel like that? How could you excite his or her various senses with a simple word, a touch, a tone of voice? A loving greeting can bless your spouse through what they see, hear, and feel.

"It doesn't have to be bold and dramatic every time. But adding warmth and enthusiasm gives you the chance to touch your mate's heart in subtle, unspoken ways."

And of course, I have to apply this to my children also. How do I greet them when they first wake up? How do I speak to them through the day? Do they feel loved and appreciated by the tone of my voice and my facial expression?

The Jedi, as usual, already has the gold trophy on this dare. He is always careful to kiss me goodbye, even when I'm still hanging out in bed half-asleep. He greets me and kisses me when he first comes home. He kisses me and snuggles me as I'm falling asleep.

So, how can I be more intentional about greeting him? Hmmm, I think being *awake* in the morning would be a good start. Pausing in what I'm doing when he comes home from work to let him know he's more important to me than whatever activity I'm engaged in. Wrapping up stuff in the evening to get to bed at the same time as him.

I haven't read what the official dare is for today, but those are my goals.

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